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02-24-2014, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Sheikyerbouti View Post
I loved Krueger and Renney, so I'm not one to blame the coach, but Eakins has been a disaster this far. That "crazy" man2man system of Ralph's made Dubnyk look good and kept us in games.

Eakins talks compete but it wasn't a problem under Ralph. If Renney was still here, I bet you aren't hearing Hall swearing and smacking his stick. The coaching carousal has been detrimental, no doubt, but I don't think Eakins is developing the players well enough to warrant more time. The PP has been all kinds of crazy and expecting Gag and Rnh to pin players like Thorton so we can swarm was a fool's errand.

But Mact isn't firing Eakins, he'd rather rebuild the scraps into their image. Time will tell.

Blame Katz; we could have had Nill and Ruff. I just can't get over that! Hell, we tanked our team because it was deemed too hard to get elite young talent, and it took Nill months to trade for one and draft another at 10.
The man to man system stuff was weird, several teams still use it to great effect. Just off the top of my head -

Detroit - "Back to Weiss, on his biggest adjustment in Detroit: playing man-to-man defence after a lifetime of zone coverage. During an exhibition loss to Pittsburgh last week, he said he was "looking to play the zone and then thought, 'Wait a minute, I gotta find somebody here."

Colorado (along with implications of other top teams including St.Louis) - "It's man-to-man/support," Roy said of the defensive coverage he brought with him from his eight-year stint with major junior's Quebec Remparts. "More and more teams will have their defense men involved in the attack, and if you play (zone), you cannot follow them.

"All the teams that I've watched have success St. Louis, Detroit and the other top teams are doing it. And in order for us to have some success, there are things you have to copy, and this is one of the big things."

Judging from the results obtained under both Eakins/Kreuger, it's pretty clear that team personnel was the problem more than the coach last year(they were still hoping Whitney would be the top defenseman for example); while the coach is a much bigger part of the problem this year.

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