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Originally Posted by OiledUp View Post
I always thought there was a greater risk in the refs overcompensating then Canada benefitting. It was a well called game imo, the reason I found it questionable having canadian refs was that IF there was a doubtful call, which happens most every game, you'd be facing a lot of talk if that was because the refs might be biased/overcompensating, however since Canada was so much better this never was a problem. I didn't think the Berglund hit was that bad, came from the side it wasn't really blindsided since Kunitz turned just before the hit, a bit sloppy from both players and worth 2 mins but not much more imo but sure I do carry bias. You get injured in hockey, it happens.

Canada was dominant, we didn't really put up much of a fight. Our forward crop just wasn't good enough to even frighten the brilliant canadian D. The only forward who looked like he could do anything was Kruger who really impressed me, very strong on the puck, great on face offs, great defensively and created more offense than I thought he would. Based on what I saw he's probably capable of playing a bigger role than he does in Chicago. The rest either looked slow and old; Sedin, Louie etc or just no good enough; Landeskog, Nyqvist, Silfverberg some guys held their own defensively, Hagelin, Jimmie E, but just didn't have the skill to produce offense. And our centers outside of Kruger were terrible.

Our d-men were ok in general, but the questionable choices made by our coach before the games, picking chemistry and "good guys" in the form of Oduya, Jonathan Eriksson and Tallinder over the better players in the form of Hedman and using OEL as a 7th D really backfired since Oduya started giving away pucks when TC picked up the pace and forechecked us hard and Erikssons mistake led to the goal that killed the game. Typical swedish coach who picks the safe players to create a good team instead of taking the chance with the more skilled player and maybe miss out on chemistry for the possibility of a team with higher ceiling. Imo Marts didn't truly go for the gold with those selections, he built a regular season team. He got badly outcoached in the final as well.

Lundqvist is fantastic and kept it from ending in an embarassing 6,7-0 loss.

Us swedes have an incredible D core to look forward to but 2-3 out of Filip Forsberg, Elias Lindholm, William Nylander, Alexander Wennberg, Andreas Johnsson better turn out elite offensive players or we'll lack the offensive power to challenge Canada going forward. Our only truly great forward is Zetterberg and he's getting up there in age and his back problems aren't promising. The Sedins have looked bad this season. Bäckström is still fairly young but not a man for the big games, juiced on allergy meds or not. Steen is a great two-way player but lacks the high end skill to create on his own. Landeskog projects as a great player, love him when he's on his game, but is more of the third guy on a top line than the guy who drives it, looked really lost in these olympics as well.

We didn't have an actual top line these games and that left us with no chance against a strong canadian team and unless some of the youngsters turn out that's probably going to be our achilles heel going forward. D wins championship, but when two teams carry great D you need the high end forwards to be gamebreakers. TC got that in spades. Sweden don't. Well deserved victory for Canada.
That pretty much sums it up for me as well. I will add one thing which I found extremely annoying/depressing: the lack of effort in the 3rd period. To be fair Canada did an excellent job of shutting us down but at the same time I felt as if they gave up way too early.

I bet half of my house that if the Finns would have been in the same situation they would have worked their ***** off until the very end and left the ice on stretchers if necessary.

They wouldn't have won anyway and chances are they would have given up a couple of more goals but it would have felt a hell of a lot better losing a gold like that rather than putting up 3 shots on goal and 30 missed passes in the 3rd.

I am also extremely disappointed that we couldn't field our best team in terms of forwards. I know it is a part of hockey and that all teams need to handle injuries (Tavares, Stamkos, Filppula, Koivo, Barkov, etc.) but at this point I have a hard time digesting the fact that we were more or less missing our entire skilled center core in Sedin, Zetterberg and Backstrom. I don't think we would have made it anyway seeing how Canada played us in the final but it still bugs me.

Really impressive tournament by the Canadians. I had my doubts in the beginning (when I didn't really pay close attention) but they dominated defensively and did not need to rely on the skill of the forward group to win.

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