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02-24-2014, 07:13 AM
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People aren't looking at this from the right angle. Why does this trade need to make sense in reality for Boomer? He has a source he is close with, and he very clearly stated he trusts that source. Why would he argue with his source, or doubt them, when he has trusted them so much previously?

To make the analogy, if you had a close friend who at times came to you with insider information, and that information was usually correct. Would you argue with your close friend and tell them it's crazy and can't be true, or would you trust them even though it doesn't make any sense from your perspective?

We as fans on a message board cannot take our perspective and bias, then apply that to what people who are connected have to say. They more likely than not know things that we don't. With that being said even I am still skeptical, however I fully understand why Boomer is not.

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