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02-24-2014, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Look at Rod Brind'Amour. The guy was known league-wide as "The Bod" and would work out for 45 minutes AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER. Yet his game absolutely fell off a cliff thanks to one knee injury that most younger players would recover from.

It's a very dangerous move to assume that a 39 year old player is going to remain healthy, no matter how healthy he has been previously.
Mhh, I don't know.

Rod Brind'Amour skated in mud for a real long time. Was he clutch when Carolina won? Of course, but he had way to much mucle on this body to move around well later in his career.

MSL skates really well. Of course he will keep going downhill a bit on a regular basis, I mean he is 38 y/o. I could definitely see him play decent hockey for the rest of this season and next. And then probably be able to contribute for a year or two after that.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
You read my mind here. I think MSL is a tremendous player, and certainly an upgrade over Callahan, but he's an upgrade at a position that we're already quite strong at. He's a RW and plays the same spot on the PP that Nash and Zuccarello do. So we continue to have average center depth, below average LW depth, but 3 excellent NHL-level RW's with two solid prospects in the AHL. This smacks of the Gaborik situation last year where the coach is going to have to shuffle lines and play guys out of position just to get enough ice time for Nash and MSL.

Marty has been one of my favorite players for a long time, but I'm not as excited about this deal as I would have been even a couple years ago. Also, I know people love the idea of Marty teaching our own Hobbit how to be an all-star, but Zuccarello isn't built the same way and doesn't have the acceleration that Marty does. Hard to teach a player when he doesn't have the same gifts that you do.

Why do I suddenly get the feeling that if Girardi doesn't sign, that he goes to San Jose for Dan Boyle?
I agree. Its a real short term solution.

What we gear up for is the ability to open up a lot of cap space in 2-3 years. Some good UFAs could hit the market by then. OTOH, I am not so sure I like that strategy either.

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