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02-24-2014, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
WE placed exactly around where we should. We are a winter nation and have the best winter Olympic training facilities found on earth found in two different past Oly venues plus in facilities across the country.

Also USA most Athletes at the games 230, Followed by Russia 225, Canada with 221.

3rd largest contingent of any country and only 9 less athletes than the host nation.

Why shouldn't we be 3rd?

Additionally we actually had more athletes in more events at this games in Sochi and finished with less medals than in Vancouver.

I'll take it, but its depreciation.

The biggest worry is Canada chronically does well in new events because it has the fiscal resources to make quick commit to training in those. Short track would be a classic example. We owned that at one point and now we're coming up empty. With more typical skating powerhouses now passing us in that as well. I wonder how many ski and snowboard events won't be gold for us in the future.
I don't know. The Olympics will always have new events and so by that reasoning Canada should always be picking up new medals in those events as well. Canada's totals were slightly lower in a sport like short track, but that was just bad luck as they could have had much more and been more in line with what they usually have.

Canada also did not have much of a long track presence, and that's an area that have had at least a little bit of success in the past isn't it?

Canada is a top Winter Olympics country and will continue to be so for a long time because they can afford to do so.

They have been a top 5 country as far back as I can remember, and have positioned themselves to be a top 3 (or better!) country the past couple years, and have already made it clear that they are continuing their Podium push for the next few Olympics.

For folks who are wrapped up in medal counts it's the golden age of being a Canadian Winter sport fan.

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