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02-24-2014, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by MixBlender View Post
Hey guys. I'm a big time lurker but I could really use anyone's advice on this one. I live in Edmonton, and I have an important game coming up that I got tickets to: Oilers Vs Anaheim.

Reason being, of course, Teemu's last hockey game in Edmonton.

I would say hands down Teemu is my favorite player, and I have a dream of having him sign my Selanne ducks jersey that I've been holding on to for years so that I could have a memento before he's finished his career.

I have no bloody clue how or where I could find him, or even approach him to ask for his signature.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could go, or what steps I could take to maximize my odds of pulling him over for one second to get his autograph? Do away teams have a practice time I could meet him at?

Any serious reply would be greatly appreciated.
a package of $5 panty hose for your head and a small hand gun should get you where you need to go...

but really you can probably email the oilers training/equpiment staff and arrange to mail or drop off your jersey and they will do it for you. im not saying they take money to do such things but sliding them a few $'s wouldnt hurt either

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