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02-24-2014, 02:19 PM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
"Sponge" Henrique has a 0.46 ppg this, "non-sponge" Gagner has a ppg of 0.51 this year. Over an 82 game season thats a whopping 4 more points for Gagner. Even taking their career average ppg, and applying it to an 82 game season, Gagner scores only 6 more points. Now look at the offences both play for, and I don't think its fair to call one a sponge, and one not.

Plus I dont think we should be looking for the highest scoring 2nd line centre possible. This is a position that we can fill with someone with a solid 2-way game and sacrifice a little bit offensively as we have enough offensive players around him to make up for it.
Been saying this since the Yakupov draft, we don't need high end centers when we have 4 really good offensive wingers. We need two way centers with muscle who can retrieve the puck and have some average passing/playmaking skills. If I had it my way I'd have had the Oiler lineup looking something like this.


I want to see two way guys down the middle, that's how you win championships. Obviously we would have picked Couturier in the 2011 draft and traded for Berglund. Added Penner through UFA.

People need to stop falling in love with point producers and start falling in love with good two way guys. I'd take a Jonathan Toews over a Malkin every day of the week.

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