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02-24-2014, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
One thing that I think is overrated about the Oilers in general is their offensive abilities.

Even the media likes to point out the Oilers are offensively strong and it's the defense that needs help.

Well the truth is they are NOT that good offensively... it's just that they are worse defensively.

They were 20th in offense 2 seasons ago, they were 18th in offense last season and this year they are down to 20th in offense again.

They are essentially a BAD defensive team and a mediocre offensive team.

Yes they have slightly more upside potentially offensively... but if they trade pieces away like Yak/Eberle (and yes even Gagner)... they DO NOT have enough depth to be better than mediocre offensively.

I think that's actually one of the main problems with this team... not just that they are defensively bad but that they don't have enough offensive firepower to overcome those deficiencies in their own end.

I think better defense would make the offense perform better as well but obviously if they remove solid offensive pieces they are creating a void there as well... it's not as easy a fix as some seem to feel (again especially outside media viewpoints who have too much of a black/white view on what ails this team).
The Oiler's offensive problem isn't with their forwards IMO(they do suck defensively though), its with the fact that they get absolutely no offence from the defencemen. Go back through the last few years and I doubt our defence corps has been above 25th in the league in scoring.

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