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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
What you are doing in this post is called creating a strawman and then knocking it down. It has nothing to do with the topic but I understand your need to try a tactic like that when you admit that you can't understand why Malik has such a good plus/minus. You're frustrated because your perception does not match the results.

Your earlier statements that he constantly and consistently screws up are obviously blatantly wrong. If he played the way you maintain he does he would be minus 20 and he would be permanently attached to the bench or traded.

Plus/minus was long an overrated way of judging a player's performance. It cannot be carried from team to team as a measuring stick. It does serve at least some role in measuring performance within a team. It's not a final arbiter but it is an indicator.

This is only one of the reasons your Pronger tale is nonsense. Of course Pronger is better than Malik. You got me; I admit it for all to see; Pronger is better than Malik! I've seen the light. Hallelujah!

For the 5th or 6th time, I don't think Malik is anything special, but he fits his role beautifully with the other Czechs. One of the ways you have to evaluate a player is how he affects those around him. He obviously is in the plus column (not by the numbers in this case) by the way he plays with Rozsival and the other Czechs.

Just because you cannot see or understand the positive nuances of Malik does not mean that they do not exist.
What you are doing in this post is called personally attacking a fellow Ranger fan who happens to have a different opinion than you about a particular player. I hope you have as much venom for Islander fans.

I tried to extend an olive branch to you in my last post and I guess you weren't interested. Fine. I'm not going to argue directly with you anymore, as I don't enjoy it as much as you seem to.

You think Malik is great or OK or works beautifully with the Czechs or whatever. Great. Enjoy him. That's your opinion and that's awesome.

I think he's less than great but has some stats at the moment that might make him look great to another team, so we should at the very least find out what we can get for him at the trade deadline. We may be pleasantly surprised. That's my opinion and condescending posts from you will not change it.

I'm agreeing to disagree and that's it. I'm not going to try to disrespect you as you did me.

But I'll be in section 331 on the 22nd if you feel the need to discuss it further.

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