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02-24-2014, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by KevinBXA View Post
I was merely commenting on how a Nevada hockey club would effect me personally, no need to attack "fans like me".

While I think you could get solid crowds from vacationing fans from the crazy fan bases (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver etc), a hockey team in Vegas is a terrible idea and you would have to have more money than brain cells to do it. I would imagine less than 10% of an average crowd would reside in Nevada and I'm not sure hockey would be an exciting enough attraction for the average tourist.

Relax, it wasn't an attack on "fans like you" but merely a question if you believed there would be enough people who might take advantage of even cheap flights and ticket packages to truly impact the team's bottom line. That's what many supporters of a Vegas team believe would be a central piece, marketing to tourists, be it hockey fans like you or tourists who go to Vegas for the traditional reasons and then get tickets as part of their hotel or entertainment deal. (I'm not a believer that this model would work over the long run, 10, 20 yrs out, for example.)

So fans like you means a classification, nothing pejorative.

(Clever username, btw.)

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