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02-24-2014, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by CanucksSayEh View Post
Stopping is a luxury, not a necessity. Same as backwards skating. After a few games I may get rusty on my left skate edges, and backwards transitions, just because I almost never use them as a right winger. I try to practice during warm up a bit, and work on it over the offseason. Then it all regresses over the winter again lol.
SMH at reading this....unless one plans at skating 3 mph and never trying to capture loose pucks, especially in the corners, how can one consider stopping to be a "luxury"? Let alone what if another noob is coming directly at you, that chances are given that they cannot stop and likely never look up at anything but the puck, to avoid getting into a collison?

I would urge anyone who wants to play and be useful, let alone successful, at any league level to be able to stop on both sides instinctively, and instantly. Do the blueline to blueline drills, whatever it takes. Waiting one season to get skilled at doing so will make you a much more effective player.

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