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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Thing is, I don't see any compelling reason why he would resign here.

If I were him I sure wouldn't, and that's not meant to be a cheap slam on the Oilers, it's more a statement about the current work situation.

The Oilers aren't going to break the bank for him (nor should they), and there's younger players being given the better offensive looks now, and will expect to be in the future. He's realistically only got a few productive years left where he can hope to make some decent money before playing out the string in Europe or the KHL, so he can't afford to be sentimental about this.

And that's saying nothing about actually wanting to win a cup sometime this decade.

Looking at it objectively, it makes no logical sense for him to stay here.
He is a UFA...its really up to him. Personally ive always found him to be a rover and i think MacT was the only coach to recognize this. I thought him and Perron would work...and it was the first time since samsonov, other than our short pick up of kotalik, that i felt we had a good linemate for him.
I agree with everything you have stated...there is no real debating it.
He has made good coin and the injury history could very much keep his options limited. I dont see many teams planning on him being in the their top six but there will be a few... Cap basement teams and they might give him a good contract just to get to that basement.
He still might re-sign here. I am not a big fan of his because i think we need a different piece in his position but he is an asset and with all assets you need to try to maximize them.

Originally Posted by SephF View Post
If he does get moved at the deadline I really hope he goes somewhere good. As others have expressed in this thread I would consider resigning him again.

Asset management. If they can get him signed to a contract that isnt laughed at by the rest of the league than it makes sense to keep him...but it has to be a movable contract. The five mill for an oft injured winger isnt going to make for a valuable asset.

Originally Posted by belair View Post
Until we have four wingers who can consistently prove that they can produce when given top-six minutes, trading one who can with out providing a viable replacement is poor asset management any way you cut it.
Yup, it depends on price. I still dont think he suits the team but until you can get that other asset that does fit you need to hang on to him. If the price is reasonable and movable than yes you sign him.

I also dont trade him just to help him or make another team better. Its likely better for the team to risk him walking for free than any return mact will actually get.
This is where loyalty comes in though. Mact always liked hemsky so i can see him being a good guy and getting something done if hemsky wants. As much as i would want to not do that, if i were a GM, i do think players have to know that you are open to their requests.
I have always thought hemsky would do better in the east.

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