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02-25-2014, 01:32 AM
Pacifist Goon
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Depends why you want to play. Not the greatest skater and never going to be a world beater, but I understand the importance of skating. It's the key to playing and the key to getting better, both getting ahead of those at your level and catching up to those above you, so I don't know why anyone would be happy to play with such limitations on themselves. You should always want to get better and improve no matter what level you're at.

I started out stopping on one side and couldn't get the hang of both sides. Not having played for a number of years, have started back recently and almost like a beginner again. Just concentrating on weight distribution and edge control. Getting those right has fixed the stopping deficiencies in no time.

Now it's like 'duh', how come I didn't get this right earlier. Was a very minor adjustment.

As the skating improves, the stickhandling and situational awareness on the ice improves too.

Practice, practice, practice.

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