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02-25-2014, 10:17 AM
Barbara Underhill
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I'm going to go drink more coffee so I can wake up.

Point remains that Stewart and a prospect isn't a return I would expect many people to be happy with. I don't see them giving up a top prospect and certainly don't see them adding a pick. Maybe Stewart can regain his scoring prowess which he has shown in the past but since leaving Colorado he's been a lot more inconsistent.

Originally Posted by Alien Valuating View Post
His average per 82 games is 25 goals. Okay, so say you don't prorate his rookie season of 53 games, AND you don't prorate last season (only 48 games), AND you don't prorate this sesaon's goal totals (only 57 games), he's STILL at an average of 19.2 goals per season, and he would only need 5 more goals this season (or 5 goals over the course of the 34 games that weren't played last season, since you don't like to prorate) to get his goal rate to 20 goals per season.

I'm not even a proponent of Stewart but you're clearly manipulating numbers to fit your argument. Either that or you're viewing his 2010-11 stats with Colorado and St. Louis as separate seasons and it's throwing off your numbers. In either case, pretty much every stat you've posted in this thread about Stewart has been incorrect.
I didn't manipulate ****. I made a mistake. I already admitted to that, and why prorate? We don't live in a world where you get credit for things you haven't done. You shouldn't be giving him credit for playing 82 games and scoring 20+ goals in season in which he hasn't done that.

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