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02-25-2014, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
Gagner won't be here when/if the Oiler's are contenders, he should have been dealt. Good teams have a blueprint of the type of team they want and the players that they want to fill those roles. Look at Boston for example they dealt Seguin even though he has a ton of upside, I highly doubt Chiarelli is losing any sleep over that deal. MacT saying he's now looking for draft picks is a step in the wrong direction. 2nd and 3rd rounders aren't going to make us a better team next year. We should be identifying guys that will and be sending out guys like Gagner, Hemsky, Schultz, etc... for guys who fill roles on the blueprint for a championship team.
Nobody knows what teams were offering last offseason for Gagner, so how do we know he would have received a blue print type player? It could have been other small soft players or grinder bottom sixers. So while Gagner doesn't fit the blue print of a championship team, its better to hold on to a quality player while waiting for the right deal. And I have yet to see an Gagner like players being dealt for top 6 two players with size, so 29 GMs are failing at building that championship blue print

The Seguin deal was very bad, and should not be overlooked because Boston is doing well. They would have been doing better if they would have kept Seguin (they won the cup when he was there). Seguin has gone on to break out in Dallas, and this trade will come back to bite them soon rather than later. That deal would be equivalent to Eberle + Musil for Stajan and M. Reinhart.

I agree we shouldn't be looking for more picks, we should be dealing picks for players (like Perron deal). But I have yet to see MacT say he was looking for picks.

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