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Originally Posted by raab View Post
He said it today after practice. And as for Gagner I would have been fine seeing him go for a dman like Gunnarsson or a bottom sixer like Clifford+. Those types of guys I can see us winning a cup with in a few years. Like I said good teams have a blueprint and go out and acquire the type of players to fill roles on there blue print even if they have to overpay to get them. For me I don't see the Oilers having any blueprint for the type of team they want to build and it seems like they're more focused on winning insignificant trades more so then building a great team and having a plan in place to do it.
Originally Posted by raab View Post
Has he improved the defence at all? We still have no goalies signed past the end of this season, he really needs to get on that. Would be horrible to go into this summer without any goaltender signed. He's made a few good trades and signings but some of them were later then they should have been. Hendricks for Dubnyk(Dubnyk should have been moved in the off season for a 3rd/4th line vet grinder), Bryzgalov signing(guy was playing in the ECHL while we lost any hopes of the playoffs). This team still has a long way to go and MacT hasnt addressed goaltending or defence long term. Next year isn't looking any brighter for Oiler fans then this year if Mact can't get the defence and goaltending up to at least league average.
Hes looking to recoup 3rd round picks, not get 2nds. We can recoup high round picks by trading N Schultz, Potter, Larsen etc who have no impact on this team and who can be replaced by Fedun or any FA really

In the offseason is the main time to revamp the defense, he brought in Ference (established top 4 D) and Belov. At that time he couldn't forsee Smid failing as much as he did, and Ference struggle in the top 4 role. Once the season starts its nearly impossible to make trades for top 4 or top 6 NHL players. It never happens.

Dubnyk was also fresh off a .920 season (13th best), not sure who would have been an upgrade at that point who was available, but they would have costed ALOT. Hindsight is 20/20 on HF. That or completely unrealistic ideas of how trades occur. MacT also went after Bernier and Schneider, who unfortuantly weren't going to be traded to a divisional rival.

Now we have Scrivens who looks to be a potential #1 goalie (top sv % in the NHL, rose on the Oilers, but small sample size).

People are expecting MacT to pull of multiple NHL 14 type deals for established top pairing D or #1 centers/ goalies. But it takes two GMs to make a deal, and their has been a lack of top pairing D being traded despite a extremely high demand for them.

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