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Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
Your quote would be valid if you could explain to me how Hemsky was not handed a spot on the 1st line in training camp. Because since day one of practice and in every pre-season game he was placed on the 1st line, while Yakupov was played alongside Boyd Gordon and Jesse Joensuu. Yakupov didn't get into the top 6 until Hall's injury, and by then he'd already received a two game benching, hence the part about Yakupov's confidence being driven to the ground. It's funny how I'm supposedly the one with selective memory when all I'm doing is stating facts.
Hemsky started on the top line, with Smyth, in an attempt to insulate Hall who was thrust into the 1C role. The reason for this is because Smyth and Hemsky are two of the only veteran wingers we had, and are also two of the better defensively responsible ones.

As far as Hemsky not doing anything to deserve or earn top 6 icetime, he's been one of the most consistent skaters on this team over the last decade who can create chances at 5 on 5, so there is that.

And you're not stating facts at all with crazy speculative statements like "destroying Yakupovs confidence" - how is that a fact? Are you guys tight? Does he tell you this stuff in private?

You ever wonder why Yakupov was played with Gordon to start the season? Probably because he was and still is our best defensive center, and the coaching staff were probably trying to insulate hima little bit too...

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