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02-25-2014, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
I understand your method of thinking but I look down the road as well. Legwand is all but gone and Fish is saying 1 more year. So Down the middle there is nothing to fix that. Watson, Wilson?????? We are outside the area to have a legit shot at Reinhart, best case is going to be Nylander where the Preds will pick. And while I like the looks of Nylander he will not be ready for a while to make an impact. Whereas if the OIL overpay for Weber say Hall, RNH there first and Schultz The preds have at worst Reinhart or Ekbland with the Oil pick and Nylander with Preds pick. If DP Fenton can get another 1st or early 2nd for Leggy at the deadline more depth could be added for the future.

The top 6 has to seriously addressed now and the options are pretty slim.
Yes, banking on Wilson to take over Legwand's spot right away would be tough, but I think in the long run we'd be a better team if we did that. We'd have a year for him to get settled in at center and find someone to replace Fisher before he hangs them up. Going out and signing a Stastny would do us wonders, I don't know if he'd sign here, but that IMO, would be the ideal scenario with Stastny as no.1 and Wilson at 2.

I think it'd be too optimistic of a scenario to say that Edmonton would give up both RNH and Hall, but if we could get one of them and one of Yak/Eberle, and a roster defender it would really improve our top 6 ,and even though our defense levels out our overall team looks like it'd contend with that core for a while.

The main concerns I'd have with trading Weber is if we'd be getting enough. We need both quality and quantity otherwise we'd have been better off sticking with Weber and watching what could be our first HOF'er in it's entirety. Weber's young enough that we could build a team around twice more.

The other concern is will Edmonton even offer that much up in the first place? If Edmonton will only go as high as either Yakupov OR Eberle and Gagner + a 1st this year does Poile take that because it's there or does he have the sense to stick it out with Weber or wait until something bigger comes along. I'm hoping that if Poile were to be taking calls for Weber, that he'd be calling the shots.

So, I see where you're coming at. Trading Weber SHOULD get us at least two top 6 forwards and a decent defenseman, but will anyone offer it? Would we be better off going the semi-conservative way that we've come to know and love by just taking picks and trying to sign UFA's? Will Jones and Josi be enough to contend for the cup without having to acquire another 25+ minute defenseman like Weber?

I'd like to see a major trade not involving Weber, but those don't happen every day. I think we could see some mid sized deals with us acquiring some 2nd tiered players with big upside, but I doubt we see the full shabang with Weber.

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