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02-25-2014, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
He can't fix all the mistakes made previously in a season. Top 6, bottom 6, Centers, 1/2 D, 3/4 D, hell, even 5/6 D, Goaltending. I don't expect him to fix the entire list of issues in a season. But he's already shored up some of those issues with Gordon, Perron, Hendricks, Ference etc.

Maybe you're expecting miracles, but I'm not.
Miracles? How about even minor improvements?
This team is regressing which considering how bad the Oilers have been for years is saying A LOT.

You can blame the goaltending at the beginning of the year but who was responsible for not addressing the goaltending in the offseason?
You can blame the crappy defense but who was responsible for not addressing the defensive issues in the offseason?
You can blame the coaching but who hired Eakins and wanted to keep Bucky and Smith?

The team is worse in every category this season.
I don't expect miracles in one season but how about some improvement ANY improvement to get this team out of the cellar?
The team is worse this season under MacT's watch. This is a fact.
I'm not writing him off as a GM long term but he has certainly made some critical mistakes that sunk this season before it even started.

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