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02-25-2014, 05:27 PM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Look... just using logic... the PP is the one area this team should by rights be near the top of the league in.

If they aren't... then either the offensive talent on this team just isn't as good as we think it is (disturbing thought for the future of this team) OR it falls on the head of the coaching staff.

You can try to use all the rationalization you want about stats and maybe this... maybe that... but in the end the PP has regressed badly and the team is in 29th spot even after MacT has tried to "fix" obvious issues with the roster during the season.

That's on Eakin's head and his staff. He can't insinuate that he needs better players when there HAS been personnel changes and the only thing he's been able to make this team into is a squad that might stay ahead of 30th (if they are lucky). Most of their meagre success recently is because of obviously better goaltending... the defense and offense is still performing as mediocre as always.
You missed the 3rd option, we have no PP defencemen. Schultz and Petry are alright but we don't have a guy with a huge bomb that other teams have to watch. Gives the opposing team a little leeway to collapse down and prevent the passes through the slot, as they don't have to worry about pressuring the points quite as much.

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