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02-25-2014, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Miracles? How about even minor improvements?
This team is regressing which considering how bad the Oilers have been for years is saying A LOT.

You can blame the goaltending at the beginning of the year but who was responsible for not addressing the goaltending in the offseason?
You can blame the crappy defense but who was responsible for not addressing the defensive issues in the offseason?
You can blame the coaching but who hired Eakins and wanted to keep Bucky and Smith?

The team is worse in every category this season.
I don't expect miracles in one season but how about some improvement ANY improvement to get this team out of the cellar?
The team is worse this season under MacT's watch. This is a fact.
I'm not writing him off as a GM long term but he has certainly made some critical mistakes that sunk this season before it even started.
MacT went after Schneider AND Bernier, offering up more for both of them. Is it his fault they didn't trade within the division.

Which goalies would you have brought in this offseason. Which goalies were an upgrade over Dubnyk (coming off a .920 year), could be had for a reasonable price, and were actually available? Which magical goalie could we have gotten. And why didn't Winnipeg, or Calgary, or Florida or any other team get these goalies? The two goalies that were available weren't coming to Edmonton unless Yakupov was going back the other way. Mact tried to improve the goaltending situation, but pulled out when it was too unreasonable. And if you believe that would have been a good deal I don't know what to think

Which critical mistakes did he make? He was one of the most active GMs in the league.

How could he forsee Dubnyk and Smid compeltly crapping the bed, or Yakupov going into a sophomore slump, or Eberle putting up average numbers.

This guy made every reasonable move a GM could make in signing FAs to reasonablels deals. The only way he could make this team better was by trading one of the big 4. And last time I checked those deals are few and far between.

More attention has to be put on the players and their under performance

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