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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
How can Beaulieu be graduated...he's in Hamilton?
You see - after a story is written - it is edited and fact checked by several people called editors. Then each of these articles needs to be designed and laid out within the confines of a 60-page magazine by graphic designers and layout artists..

At this point all of the info is sent to a big building with huge metal rollers called a print shop. After it is printed, the copies need to be sent to a distributor, who over a couple of weeks manages to distribute every copy throughout North America. All of these processes take several weeks to complete.

When the Habs' article was submitted to the editors two weeks ago - it was assumed by most in the hockey world that Beaulieu was up for the rest of the season. THN's senior editors made the decision to consider him a prospect graduate.

My thoughts were that it may be a little soon, but it was not my call. A decision had to be made one way or another.

Now that you know how things work in the publishing industry...what else can you try to blame me for?

Thus far in the past day I have been accused by you of doing this strictly for the publicity - which was rather odd considering that the thread was buried five pages back..and you couldn't even find it. You'd think if I was looking for attention on this that I would have responded some time in the past three weeks to keep the thread relevant. This thought never occurred to you?

Then you insinuated that I must have deleted the thread because I didn't want to give up the prize..which at the end of the day..isn't going to cost McKeen's more than a few minutes of time to add a new subscription. Again - what made you think such a preposterous thing?

Now... it's Beaulieu graduating.. this is evidently not acceptable to you....and I guess I'm to assume you think that must be my "doing" as well, even though all I am with THN is a freelance writer and scout.

BTW - I was not yet born when JFK was assassinated - so you can't tie me to that.....I know it's crossing your mind.

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