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02-25-2014, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bozwell View Post
so mact wants to trade current nhlers for players who wont be ready for 5 years (most guys outside of the first round take about 5 years to get to the show) and that is to help the oilers turn things around? So the time Eberle, Hall and Nuges contracts are up--he thinks the oilers will turn things around
What is so hard to understand about this? It's a business. He's not going to just let guys like Hemsky, and Schultz go for nothing if he knows he's not going to bring them back next year anyways. Why wouldn't you get something for them? We are in 29th place.. the season is over. Time to focus on next year. Stock pile picks for the draft, allow some guys like Pitlick and Lander to play up here the rest of the year and see if they're ready, clear some cap + roster spots etc.. It's not like he's trading roster players away without replacing them. Obviously they will be replaced through Free Agency.

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