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02-26-2014, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say! View Post
1)Hendricks and Gordon are faaaar better than Hemsky in a checking role...
2)If Hemsky could play a tighter defensive game and contribute offense as a 1st or 2nd liner that's a different story, but he's not slated for that role here...
3)To the Oilers, Hemsky is worth $1.5M/yr. If another team has a bigger role for him in mind then they will likely trade for him and enjoy great success

His trade value has gone up lately because he has been able to stay healthy. Afaik he had a good Olympics so that should help quite a bit as well.

Who knows, maybe he will keep playing like he gives a **** in his own end and the Oilers will find they need to move Yak, similar to how the Canucks ended up keeping Luongo when they wanted to keep Crawford. If he's on the second line and doing more than waving his stick in his own end I'm ok with him as an Oiler. Fact remains tho that Hemsky and his legions of fanboys have made me puke more than any other Oiler/fan combo ever.
Just STOP it already!
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Crawford plays for the Blackhawks.

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