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02-26-2014, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say! View Post
1)Hendricks and Gordon are faaaar better than Hemsky in a checking role...
Hemsky is a guy who can drive possession a lot more than either of those guys, which IMO makes him more valuable as a defensive player.

2)If Hemsky could play a tighter defensive game and contribute offense as a 1st or 2nd liner that's a different story, but he's not slated for that role here...
He's proven he can play a third line role just fine. Given the choice, I'd rather they keep a guy on the third line who can play higher in the order than a guy like Hendricks for whom third line checking duties is the ceiling. That's depth.

3)To the Oilers, Hemsky is worth $1.5M/yr. If another team has a bigger role for him in mind then they will likely trade for him and enjoy great success
If the Oilers concur with that valuation, then it's no wonder they've had so much success over the past few years. I don't think they do. the fact that Hemsky is worth, at minimum, twice that is one of the reasons they are likely to part with him. If he was "worth" a piddling $1.5M, he'd be an Oiler for life.

Fact remains tho that Hemsky and his legions of fanboys have made me puke more than any other Oiler/fan combo ever.

Originally Posted by UnrefinedCrude View Post
yes, but in the role he would be filling here he wouldn't be.
That doesn't make sense.

better for everyone involved to try move him to a team that can play him in the right spot, and fill our own 3rd line with a cheaper better suited alternative.
Because Edmonton has had such great success acquiring real NHL players?

Don't get me wrong, I hope for his sake he goes somewhere else (ideally here in the Pacific so he can cram it up some Oilers fans' backsides and maybe raise Stanley).

But expecting the Oilers to be better without him and to successfully fill yet another roster hole is just wishin' and hopin'.

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