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02-26-2014, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Paralyzer View Post
Have you read what I posted? I didn't say ALL SEASON. I said in 10 GAMES. I think all of us know the season is a write off, but his argument was the last 10 GAMES. So I am responding towards the last 10 GAMES. Plus you can't be all that serious when it comes to him be sub-par to Tambo. You even said he is realizing the weaknesses and is trying to improve it. Tambo did no such thing. He sat on his hands and just did lateral moves or moves that wouldn't help us. At least MacT MADE trades. Tambo was too scared to even touch his phone for crying out loud.

I understand the team hasn't improved in the standings, but you gotta give it time. Look what a simple Dubnyk for Hendricks trade did. It boosted the morale of the oilers. Imagine what a star talent like Thornton or Marleau (examples, not going to happen) or someone who knows about winning and can make a difference to our team. If the Oilers are struggling again by the 15 game mark of next season, change it up. But you can't wait too long into the season (like we did this season) to finally make a change.

At this point it's obvious that this team is going too.

There is just so many things wrong with the roster that it's a guarantee that this team is not going to turn it around for a long-time.

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