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02-26-2014, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Wow, this post is signature worthy.

Hemsky more valuable as a defensive player. Somebody call Dave Tippet, we have a defensive ringer here..

Hemsky has FINALLY figured out that after nearly a dozen years in the NHL that turning the puck over repeatedly is perhaps a poor idea. This is who you are calling a Possession player. A guy that any Oiler fan can recount with horror how much of Hemskys career has been spent turning the puck over. I can't even comprehend how you would view Hemsky as a more valuable defensive player than Gordon.
What can I say: if you haven't learned by now that the guy who loses the puck a lot at the other teams blueline because he has the puck so much is more valuable than a guy who never touches the rubber, there's probably no hope for you. (Talking in general here, not about Gordon specifically).

Honestly "how can you call that guy a possession player when he loses the puck so much" is one of the dumber things I've ever seen.

Conversely Gordon is known for sounder play and always has been. Hendricks, for his part, has been performing quite well here. Not sure what your issue is with this player. At least Hendricks has cared enough to make a presence and impact here. Something Hemsky hasn't done a lot of for years.
Hendricks is a guy who has to care and bust his ass because he lacks the talent to stay in the league otherwise.

What a lol post. Real NHL players capable of actually playing rugged hockey and honest hockey looking after both ends should be complaining about being saddled with a guy that only ever picks his spots and brings half an effort for 10 game stretches at a time.
This isn't a thread about Sam Gagner.

Jebus, Hemsky has talent. WTF has he done with it the past half dozen seasons?

Oh, and that scrub Boyd Gordon actually has more goals than Hemsky, while being a roll and shutdown player and not being afforded top toi or PP time.

Hemsky has one roll on this team (if that) and doesn't perform it
A Gagner fanboy calling out Hemsky for being inconsistent. Lordy. What a tire fire of a post.

Also: it's "role."

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