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02-26-2014, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Gobo View Post
Mitch ‏@MitchLiddell 11m
Eakins basically just said the players hate him...
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mc79hockey ‏@mc79hockey 10m
@MitchLiddell Where was this?
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@mc79hockey season seat holder event. He's giving a speech"I came in, and there was conflict. It's been a process but they've bought in now

Mitch ‏@MitchLiddell 51s
"I came in asked what team are we? I kept hearing 'skilled'. What does that mean? I want us to be tough to play against, a winning team"
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Mitch ‏@MitchLiddell 5m
@mc79hockey also something about how there were several voices in charge at first, now everyone knows who's in charge (him I bet)

Apparently Eakins said some real dumb stuff at the season ticket holders event. Sorry for the shoddy copy and paste. Basically these are the key parts.
Sounds like an interesting meet and greet with the Oilers last night. Interesting that Eakins think the players hate him.. wonder what gave him that idea? Must be hard for the players to go from such a nice coach in Krueger to a hardass coach like Eakins. But in fairness to Eakins, one of the things he said in an interview with Gregor when Gregor asked him what he learned most so far this season and his answer was 'just to breathe.. and try not to be too intense' which he admitted was difficult to do with his fiery attitude. Its his first season in the NHL so I'll give him some leeway right now. It does seem though that the team is starting to buy into his gameplan more now, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes from this point forward.

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