Thread: Speculation: Justin Schultz's extension
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02-26-2014, 10:47 AM
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J. Shultz is a very difficult target to hit for a contract.

Such an unknown going forward.

He is 23.

Very lightweight. 185-190. Probably will never be able to put on enough muscle to be effective down low.

His college days, his AHL, and even his first 20 games or so I thought this guy could easily develop into a true #1 and almost certainly a solid #2. I think people forget how good he really was to start off with.

Right now he looks like a mid pairing guy PP specialist. Hopefully that is just a softmore slump.

He has played significantly better the last 10 games or so.

When does he hit Free Agency?

He is not worth 6 mill right now. I would say 4 is a bit steep for where he is at right now.

5 mill long term? Or give him a contract that keeps him as a RFA for cheaper?

I think I would have to gamble on him. His potential is still way up there. I think his low end is still NHL worthy. Give him 5 mill a year and sign him long term as part of "the plan".

EDIT: Wow. Seen all the people above saying long term 4.5... I am usually the cheapest person, always saying lower then the people on this board.

I don't think he signs for that little and if he did and he does reach his potential... OMFG Mac T will be considered a god for that signing.

I also think people are forgetting how much a of a premium goes with even a decent offensive defenseman in this league. Dennis Wideman makes over 5 a year for 5 years I believe and really J. Shultz should reach his level of play.

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