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02-26-2014, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
What can I say: if you haven't learned by now that the guy who loses the puck a lot at the other teams blueline because he has the puck so much is more valuable than a guy who never touches the rubber, there's probably no hope for you. (Talking in general here, not about Gordon specifically).

Hendricks is a guy who has to care and bust his ass because he lacks the talent to stay in the league otherwise.

This isn't a thread about Sam Gagner.

In anycase I'll let the reader decide on the inanity of you calling Hemsky a better Defensive player than Gordon. Really nothing at all to even discuss given that's your deluded viewpoint. (did I use the right your there? )

A Gagner fanboy calling out Hemsky for being inconsistent. Lordy. What a tire fire of a post.

Also: it's "role."
Gagner has played like **** this year. ftr.

Wow, excuse me typing roll instead of role at 8am on a fanboard. Somebody call the presses, the grammar police have arrived.

You're a little snippity today..

ps I'll let the reader decide about your inanity in calling Hemsky a better Defensive player than Boyd Gordon. I don't even....

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