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02-26-2014, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
J. Shultz is a very difficult target to hit for a contract.

Such an unknown going forward.

He is 23.

Very lightweight. 185-190. Probably will never be able to put on enough muscle to be effective down low.

His college days, his AHL, and even his first 20 games or so I thought this guy could easily develop into a true #1 and almost certainly a solid #2. I think people forget how good he really was to start off with.

Right now he looks like a mid pairing guy PP specialist. Hopefully that is just a softmore slump.

He has played significantly better the last 10 games or so.

When does he hit Free Agency?

He is not worth 6 mill right now. I would say 4 is a bit steep for where he is at right now.

5 mill long term? Or give him a contract that keeps him as a RFA for cheaper?

I think I would have to gamble on him. His potential is still way up there. I think his low end is still NHL worthy. Give him 5 mill a year and sign him long term as part of "the plan".

EDIT: Wow. Seen all the people above saying long term 4.5... I am usually the cheapest person, always saying lower then the people on this board.

I don't think he signs for that little and if he did and he does reach his potential... OMFG Mac T will be considered a god for that signing.

I also think people are forgetting how much a of a premium goes with even a decent offensive defenseman in this league. Dennis Wideman makes over 5 a year for 5 years I believe and really J. Shultz should reach his level of play.
I'd go up to $5 million long term, if that's not good enough for him then I'd go for 2 years at $4 million per and then pay him at the end of that deal.

Originally Posted by Oiltankjob Fail View Post
Agreed the longer we sign these young bucks now the more cap space in the future we will have for top ufa's when we are contending.
Agreed and I for one am a big fan of the kid and think that he has far from shown us the best hockey that he can play as an NHLer. When he hits his stride we will wish that we locked him up.

Originally Posted by Fixed to Ruin View Post
If i was Justin Schultz agent, i would advise against this.
Fair enough, it all depends on what Justin would be happy with. I also wouldn't mind overpaying him a little for choosing us and getting us that much closer to being a competitive team.

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