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02-26-2014, 11:04 AM
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do you have a vote for cis mens hockey top ten?
you should!
i have lost interest in these blogs mainly because it seems the only ones who ever chime in on this site or the vreds site are those trying to influence the flawed top 10 because they have a vote (or I am assuming they do)....why else such a narrow perspective, and protect their boys( AB UNB)
the # 1 ranking is huge every year because u avoid both the OUA and AUS/CW league champions. the pool is always the AUS?CW runner up and the OUA runner up. while the other pool has two league champions and the host.
It really is a joke the way everyone chimes in with little perspective on what a great league the CIS is
instead we hear Stauffer talk about a new fitness guy....for the bears not him and look out it is the best team since Mac T or Drummer and Foyle answering back regarding the Vreds.
Hey all are great teams i am sure.....but wouldnt it be nice if...
acadia advanced carleton ryerson lakehead and maybe just maybe a calgary or Manitoba. this would be good for all of the hockey in the CIS.
some of this stuff is like a bad infinite loop on a computer program.
loved the Olympics (FRESH!) and am glad the Jets are back at it! hey how about our Blue Bombers! going for it!

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