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02-26-2014, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
To me there are three options... each with their advantages:

1) Bridge: 3.5 over 2 years
Pros: cheap now, we get to demo him longer, at the end we'd still have his RFA rights (correct?)
Cons: Good chance he's asking for 6+ on a longer term deal

2) The Gilbert: 4.5 x 4 years
Pros: we get a cheaper price for a few more years, some cost certainty in years 3 & 4 when we might need that money to bring in UFA before the kids are all finished their $6M deals
Cons: he'll be up only one year before Eberle and 2 before Hall (correct?)... so that $6M cap won't be a valid argument anymore. Everyone will know at least one of those two is going to get more.

3) 5.5 Long Term:
Pros: if he turns out, it's a bargain
Cons: it's a lot of money now, it provides no incentive, it could be an overpayment long term if he "Gilberts" or "Potis" on us... no way he signs for less than $5M
1) for me... this is the odd case I would argue for a bridge and I will tell you why...

To improve right away we need top FAs or acquisitions to fill holes today... if we do not have the cap space to accommodate a Weber Letang Girardi Edler on D and a PF up front it will not matter what Schultzy is worth in two years... he will want out any way

Save ourselves $1.5-2M right now for further flexibility... spend to the cap... and as it rises with revenues in '15 and '16 the room will be there to sign him at the $6M+ he might be worth...

On that note... yes we need to know if he is worth it... like you I believe he is an RFA in two years time... so there is still an element of cost control... if he ends up out of our price range well I would rather give him up than Hall or RNH or as you say... and as an RFA we are of course entitled to compensation... so we lose nothing even if we lose him

How ever Schultzy obviously likes life here... he enjoys being with the other kids... I have to wonder if he might be okay with a 5 year deal at $4.25-4.5... both parties get what they want... cost control and term and security... Schultz is within striking distance of his pals in earning power... whereas on a bridge he does not hold the same stature financially... he is also a smart kid... that five years will mean he can start to build a life here and not be afraid of an offer sheet trade in two years time...

It will take some firm work from MacT... but I think he is up to the challenge...

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