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02-26-2014, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedingOil View Post
MacTs biggest mistake was the coaching change. This isn't a knock on Eakins nor is it major praise of Kreuger. Constant coaching changes for a young team is a bad idea. I get the whole new GM should get to pick his coach but Ralph really deserved at least a chance this year. Mac clearly thought Eakins was too good to pass on but I still don't see it. Where stuck with him for awhile hopefully it works out.
It definitely cost the team this season. If it pays off in the long run then it was a good thing but up until now it hasnt looked that way. Realistically they should probably still be running with Renney as the HC and Krueger as an assistant, coaching wasnt the problem when the team was running with them.

For me if they end up dropping Eakins it's a big sign MacT has failed. He just had to make the move because Eakins philosophy on how to coach a team was so close to his and they were so much in sync on what they thought about hockey and how to play the game that I cant imagine him remaining after changing this coach. If the style of play Eakins is running is a failure then how can we expect MacT to succeed?

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