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02-26-2014, 04:26 PM
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Buying new skates is overwhelming...

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand now what to do. Now I just need to pick out the right skate.

I've read your RBZ long term review- it provided a lot of good information. I haven't been out to my local hockey store here in Maryland (TotalHockey), but I've done a good bit of research on the types and models available in my price range. I think I've narrowed it down to the Bauer Supreme One.6 or
RBZ 70. They're in my price range which is key. Not to state the obvious, but I won't know if either are any good for me until I try them on. I just hope the "experts" at the store know what they're talking about. In a quick conversation with them on the phone they seem to think they are knowledgable because they've been there a year and a half already. Hmmmmm- I'm skeptical.

Any advice?

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