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02-14-2007, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
This irks me a bit. Not much but a bit.

Jagr is good in the SO. He might not be the best in the league, or even top 30.

But its like he is afraid. He should defenitly be able to be atleast top 3 on this team.

If he just would skate forward and shoot he would be top 3.

Maybe Lundy have stopped him too many times in practise so that he have lost all his confidence....
Exactly what I have said months ago. Jagr has too big of an ego that will not be able to handle the scrutiny of not succeeding in shootouts. Therefore, he eliminates this problem all together by not making himself an option in the SO.

What he needs to do is watch Mats Sundin and learn how to use his in game brilliance in the shootout. Watching Sundin roof that SO goal against the Islanders yesterday showed how calm and cool a top player really can be. Now granted I have no idea what they do in practice but can't Jagr atleast practice this until he has that confidence? It just seems like something he does not even want to bother to fix.

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