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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Smyth has ALWAYS been a better player than Hemsky and not even close.

Both are offensive wingers. Correct? The objective for offensive forwards is scoring goals. let me know when Hemsky ever scores 39 goals in a season. Or when he puts up 5 +30 goal seasons, or when he helps out on the pk, or when he makes a worthwhile contribution on various lines.

Smyth has 400NHL goals. Hemsky, in his his wasted NHL career can only dream of a lofty total like that. Hemsky has lol 140 career goals. That's it. That's all.

Smyth scored 36 goals the year he turned 30. He added 36assists. Hemsky is a bit washed up player by the age of 30 not even able to crack the topsix on the worst team in the league.

Theres no points for artistry in hockey. Hemsky goals are pretty, Smyth goals are regular. They ALL count the same.

Can't even believe I'm having to type this
I'm talking about the Hemsky and Smyth of today. Smyth used to be an absolute monster but age caught up to him very fast, at this point in both of their careers Hemsky is a better player. He can still skate, is still one of the best 1 on 1 players in the league, is still terrific at breaking through the neutral zone.

I'm not sure Smyth is "great" at anything anymore. Love the guy though.

If we're comparing career numbers then Smyth obviously comes out on top and had a more impressive career but if we're comparing them today, on Feb 26 2014 then the obvious answer is Hemsky.

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