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02-26-2014, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by roaddogg02316 View Post
Not sure what to make of this. He had a career and basically tossed it away. He is probably only retiring because they couldn't use him in the NHL. He got suspended indefinitely for failing to report to Abbotsford.
At what point do these guys think "Oh I'm better than being an AHL guy"
He honestly could have sucked it up, gone down and played, instead he seems to be taking the easy way out. There are plenty of guys in the minors who played in the NHL and all it takes is one injury or a phone call and maybe you'll be back up there.
Many guys down in the minors who still play despite not being NHL material. Unless there is something else revealed behind the retirement then no respect for guys like this.
And this coming from someone who was a big fan of his in Boston/Providence. If it was purely no more passion for the game, then not sure what to say to that. Just sad to see a promising player hang them up so soon.

I guess he won't get to live up to his fathers 690 NHL games played. Maybe he is moving out of hockey all together or maybe he can go catch on and be a coach or something with Owen Sound-I believe Paul owns that team.
Why? Guy didn't have the heart to keep playing, what makes you think he's gonna have the drive to keep trudging through the AHL doing something he doesn't care about doing? An AHL lifestyle might not something he wants, he's being realistic. He was a fringe NHLer at best, and possibly could have made a living on a 4th line somewhere a couple years down the road, but would you really want a 4th liner that doesn't care out there? AHL players bussing around North America, not seeing their families/friends, I mean if you love playing hockey and your end goal is to be in the NHL, by all means, pay your dues. But if you don't want that, why put up with years of doing something you don't want? Because other people think it would be a neat job? Plenty of kids hungry for a spot, let him go off and do what he wants to do. No ones gonna look down on you if you quit a job that you don't like so you could pursue something more fulfilling for yourself.

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