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02-27-2014, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
But the club was better statistically in every way, better PP, better PK, more points less GA and had significant injury trouble.

If Eakins encountered that same situation I don't even want to think about how bad it would have been.

The Oilers played for Krueger and battled hard. With a much worse lineup than we have this year.

I wonder if Krueger would have this lineup in current contention for a spot.

Lets not forget the club had ALL WC teams last year.

Do you want to know what our WC record is under Eakins?
Oh I know it's horrible. Don't forget that Dubnyk was actually playing competent that year as well and not letting in laughable goals (or at least as many). The horrible goaltending cost us at least 5 wins this year. With 8-10 more points we're not staring up at Calgary and are at least within striking distance of Nashville.

The PP and PK probably would've been pretty decent, but given the death spiral we went on after the five game win streak we probably would've sunk below Calgary. We lost 8 out of 9 games after the hope spot and in all but one of those we scored 1 goal or less. Things look a little skewed when you factor in the final two games of the season (where we pasted the Wild and the resting Canucks).

To me this team doesn't look that much different from last year. Still seeing the same stupid mistakes they've made since day one. And while that is a failure on Eakins, it doesn't say much for Krueger either. Still the same panic passes, around the walls clears, and complete inability to recognize anything in their own end.

I'm not going to say Eakins is a great coach or even better than Krueger, but you're giving the latter too much credit. Keep in mind that even with all the factors you mentioned, he also had competent goaltending. If you don't have goaltending in this league you're going nowhere.

All in all though this team is still a complete fail from top to bottom, from Taylor Hall to Ryan Smyth, there really is almost no reason to be optimistic about next year regardless if Eakins is still here or not. It really would be nice to have a Weber or a Doughty in the pipeline somewhere. A Crosby would also be nice.

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