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02-27-2014, 02:21 AM
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I still believe that the team is better than they're showing. All these different coaches and new players every year, no wonder the team can't gain any traction. They're constantly having to learn new systems and try to gel as players shuffle in and out.

People were calling for Krueger, but was he really any better? Yes the special teams was better, but that and Dubby standing on his head was the only reason the team had a respectable record before they crumbled towards the end of the shortened season.

How fast we forget. The team was atrocious 5 on 5. Ridiculously bad. They couldn't score if their lives depended on it.

When the team this year has played well, they've played really well, out shooting and out playing the opposing team. But it doesn't take much to fall apart and it all started when Dubnyk couldn't stop a beach ball despite the team out shooting and out playing most of the teams the first 15 games or so. Remember how many people and the media were saying that if the goaltending was much better early in the season, the team would have (and should have) had a much better record?

I really do think MacT is doing a great job. It is going to take time though. He'd made some great signings/trades since the summer. Perron, Ferrance, Scrivens and Hendricks etc.

Not sure if Eakins is the guy for the job, but he is at least teaching defense, something the players had zero idea how to do before hand. I remember when the season started and he asked the team what basic defense was, no one had a clue. The players have had to learn from scratch. That's why it's so painful.

A bit of a rambling post that was all over the place, but if you can piece together what I am trying to say, I'm basically saying, I believe in MacT and Eakins. Yes, I'm crazy, but I stand by it.

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