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02-27-2014, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Drummer View Post
I'm all for it. There have been far too many of the same teams going to Nationals over the past few years. I hope Carleton goes from the OUA-East this year and maybe Windsor or Ryerson from the OUA-West. If UNB doesn't make it - it's because they lost to a better team in Acadia who hasn't gone in 8 years.

Over the past 5 years, there have only been 13 different teams out of 30 possible invitations (more like 26 invitations as hosts get a repeat spot). There are on average 3 returning teams each year from the previous tournament, so I can see how it looks like the same old thing each year. Only MAN, Waterloo and Calgary are noobs which is not a lot of 'new' blood over the past 5 years.

UNB, UQTR, USask, Waterloo, Alberta, SMU (3 repeats)
UNB, UQTR, McGill, USask, Western, UdeM (3 repeats)
UNB, Alberta, McGill, Western, Calgary, SFX (3 repeats)
SMU, Alberta, McGill, LKD, MAN, UQTR (4 repeats)
SMU, Alberta, McGill, LKD, UNB, Western (3 repeats)
If newness is what you want, those with the longest droughts would produce this:

Host: Sask
OUAW: Windsor
OUAE: Carleton
AUS: Acadia
OUA wild-card: Ryerson

On the one hand, some of those teams would be nice to see but in the end I think most want to see the big names. I'd sooner see one of the newcomers have a really good regular season so that they are ranked with UNB and Alberta all season long. That would create more interest IMO.

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