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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
The Oilers are hardly the only team that looks within its ranks or at personal connections when hiring people.

Just a few other examples.

Cam Neely is President of the Bruins.
The Sabres hired Bryan Murray's nephew.
Minnesota's GM is Cliff Fletcher's son.
Doug Wilson in San Jose used to play for them.

Hockey is pretty much one big old boy's network

Also worth mentioning: not a single one of the head coaches that have passed through the revolving door here since 2009 had previous affiliations with the org, nor did the abject failure of a GM that preceded MacT.
You could have mentioned more of them too. Old Boys Clubs are common and I never had a problem when ours was established some fifteen years ago either. I think it's great when players try to transition to a life after their playing days. The team that you played for is a good place to get your foot into the door to begin your coaching or management career. A foot in the door is all it should be though. What seems to be lost in our club though is the expectation of performance in the job. These guys have treated these positions as jobs for life and have bent over backwards to protect each other to what has clearly become a detriment to the team. We aren't seeing this to the extent we are here any where else.

This brings us to the coaches you mention and the former GM. All guys with no playing affiliation and these are the guys the organization deemed expendable? I'm not going to pretend for a second that any of them should still be here but why were they shown the door while the guys from the club remained. It's baffling to me how both Renney and Krueger could be let go and Buchberger and Smith were retained. IMO, it's time for the entire club to be flushed when these types of decisions are starting to be made because it sure isn't being done in the best interest of the team. Isn't the best interest of the team what's always important? It's going to be interesting to watch how Mactavish navigates this land mine this off season.

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