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Originally Posted by SephF View Post
That's the point of the chart. I believe he's under achieving here and his numbers would be bumped up a bit playing somewhere else but we all need to take into account that he was recovering and freshly returned from major shoulder surgery during these years.

His game has definitely regressed but I don't think he has regressed as much as most people think.

Didn't Hemsky finished 2nd or 3rd in points on the entire team that playoff run? 17 points in 24 games in the playoffs is nothing to sneeze at.

Last year the leading playoff scorer had 26 pts (Kreijci) 2nd place had 19 (Kane)

The year before the leading playoff scorers had 20 pts (Kreijci & Brown)

I'll agree the other players like Torres, Horcoff, Pisani etc brought lots of valuable intangibles but Hemmer still had a damn fine playoff run, especially as a younger guy playing a secondary role.

I'd like to see how many 2nd liners put up that kind of offense in the playoffs in the last 10 years.

When he said Hemsky dropped the ball when it mattered most, I thought about '06 and laughed out loud.

I get that a lot of people aren't big Hemsky fans, he does look pretty aloof out there. But using the old "he doesn't show up for big games" is pretty ridiculous considering his showings in the Olympics and playoffs.

Hemsky isn't worth 5M at this point, for sure. Nobody claimed that AFAIK. But he has something to give in a top-6 role somewhere.

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