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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
I go to heavy every year and while foo fighters aren't that appealing they are more interesting to me than kiss, Korn and A7X to be honest. Even someone like Alice in chains would be preferred, throw in some twisted sister for a flash back.

I don't mind the rock addition if it cuts back on some of the bland garbage "core" bands. Airborne is a rock band and they really had a great stage performance when they played.

Bring me some Stoner rock though, Vista chino, clutch, witchcraft and fu manchu would be solid.

I'm due for a Slayer and Motorhead return & would love to see one of LOGs 2 festival appearances be here, make up for the last time (calling for high on fire for the same reason).

Calling for more of an across the pond flair also, bring me some enslaved, behemoth, alestorm, kreator, destruction, immortal, candlemass, morbid angel, ghost, orange goblin, etc.

And more Canadians, eh. Bring back 3 inches and get bison Bc and aniients here!
I'm so sad that I missed Kreator man.. I'd love to see them.

Originally Posted by Tarasenko View Post
If Metallica is there, watch out Parc Jean-Drapeau, you'll be full in a matter of time.

OT: Unibroue WAS some really high quality beer, it not really anymore, or their quality standards dropped a lot since it was bought by Sleeman. My Maudite doesn't taste the same as my Maudite tasted back in 2006. It is still very good, but far from what it was.
Yeah, thats good... But Sleeman bought Unibroue in 2004, so you're taste buds are just playing you tricks.

Sapporo bought Sleeman in 2006.

Blanche the chambly won prizes each year since 2009. You're just trying too hard to be a hipster now.

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