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Originally Posted by ScrillaVilla View Post
Sooooo... do points (you know, things equating to scoring goals) win hockey games or do intangibles?

Remember Hemmer during the 06 cup run? That was a player I'd have to say was bringing all sorts of "intangibles" to the ice.
Here's something to take a gander at:
The guys with "intangibles" are Pronger, Horcoff, Pisani, Peca, Torres, Stoll, Staios, Smith, Smyth, Moreau, Laraque, etc.

In addition to what points they get, they add an element that doesn't show up to a great extent in the boxcar stats. Battles won along the boards or in front of the net may slowly translate into +'s, but what they really do is keep the shots on net, ga and the -'s from piling up, and allow the all-important gp stat to increase. Some of these guys blocked shots, threw big hits, took big hits to move the puck up the boards, protected the goalie and their teammates (fought), intimidated, killed penalties, protected leads, took abuse in front of the net while Pronger blasted pucks past them...

After each series was over noone counted the new bruises on their bodies to add to the boxcar stats, but some of these guys did all or most of those things each and every shift while Ales did almost none of that in the whole playoffs.

Eg, Mike Peca's +5 is a huge stat, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. It comes with the same # of goals Hemsky had (6) and 5 less total points. It also came with 4:19 of sh-toi/g while Ales had 0:01 sh-toi/g. It came with two more minutes per game of es-toi, and 4 minutes less of pp-toi/g. It came with the coach throwing him over the boards to face top opposition at every opportunity. Peca's points are scored as points + intangibles. Hemsky's are just points, you could almost subtract intangibles from it.

Could the Oilers have gotten that far without Peca? I dunno, can pigs fly? Could the Oilers have gotten that far without Hemsky? I dunno, how many more points could some other players have gotten with 4 more pp minutes per game?

Smith and Staios had 1 less es point than Hemsky. Torres had 2 more than Hemsky at es with 30 less min played.

Hemsky's 1 intangible is that other teams may choose certain d-men to be on the ice against him or certain fwds. It may get the other team back on their heels a bit at times, but it also gives them an uncontested outlet up the boards in their own zone. It's kind of a wash, and Ales had the 2nd worst +/- on the team.

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