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02-27-2014, 07:55 PM
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One of the goonier things I did:

I prefer my Easton H4799 aluminum sticks... the nice thing about them is they're indestructible. They're also hollow and can hold things inside. Things like lead shot and sand...
So, we built what we called our 'strength training stick'
We put some leadshot and sand in it and capped it off so the fill wouldn't move around. We would couple this with a machined stainless steel hockey puck and use it to strengthen our shots in practice... officially.

UNOFFICIALLY... we would use it during game time as the "Goon stick". The extra weight allowed you to give some 'shin taps' in front of the net that looked like little love taps but felt like taking a 10lb sledge to the leg. And, if you could hold onto the stick, a slapshot would be a monster killer (especially if someone tried to interfere with your shot.) They also made short work of early composite hockey sticks... shattered em like twigs.

the drawback was that it shattered it's own blades like they were going out of style.

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