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Originally Posted by Burke1 View Post
No. This person is not full of nonsense. CT is not a hotbed for the Rangers. Having lived here for over 40 years I can tell you that Southwest CT (Fairfield County and parts of New Haven County) have large Ranger Fan populations. The rest of the State is made up of Hartford Whaler Fans (They still have an active Booster Club), Boston Bruin Fans (Mainly the Northeast and Eastern Counties) and Islander Fans. There are also Montreal, New Jersey and Philadephia Fans. We also have a group that still follows the Carolina Hurricanes. The local media reports on Hockey in general and doesnt focus on any specific team.

The New York Rangers used to play exhibition games in Hartford, but they stopped due to poor ticket sales. The Rangers just could not draw fans to the games in Hartford.

The AHL Team has a small loyal following in Hartford, but that doesn't translate to that following being Ranger Fans. Many are hockey fans that are following the AHL Team because it plays in Hartford and its a cheap ticket. They only average 3800 fans. Many are families looking for something to do with the kids on weekends. I am not sure what the season ticket base is, but I can't imagine that it is huge. I like hockey so I go to their games, however, it lacks the atmosphere that most hockey venues have. Many Hartford Hockey Fans will not support the team and it gets very little media coverage, no TV, and its radio broadcasts are usually bumped by Yankees baseball and CCSU Basketball. The state is looking for new operators of the Hartford Civic Center and rumours abound that the team is not here for that much longer.

College Hockey is big in the state, many former Whaler Fans attend games at QU, Yale or Trinity, all of which sell out their barns on a regular basis. They also attend AHL games in Bridgeport or Springfield which is affilated with Tampa Bay...I see their Jerseys around as well.

As for football, UCONN and Patriots rule the State. We have strong followings for the New York Teams but not as strong as the Pats. UCONN and Pats get most of the media coverage. Jets and Giants are mentioned.

With respect to baseball the state is pretty much 50/50 split between the Yankees and the Sox. There is a group of Mets fans and all three teams are covered by the papers.

MSG is not carried on many cable providers outside of Fairfield County. I cant watch the Islanders v Rangers on Center Ice due to blackout restrictions imposed by MSG. In fact, most Ranger games on Center Ice in the Hartford TV Market are blacked out. In discussions with the NHL I am told that MSG is not happy that CT cable companies will not carry their channel so they block the Center Ice feed for the State. We get NESN and FSNE along with ESPN 1 thru 8. Comcast also provides YES in the Hartford area. Once in a while they do broadcast a games without black out restricitons.

Hope this helps out.
I would think Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield counties all would
1) Carry all the NY stations
2) Have a large NYR following

due to it being either bordering NY or, New haven, 75 miles from NY.

Am I wrong is CT basically a hotbed for NY and NYR in Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven County
Then split in the Hartford metro with points east becoming more BOS?

I did not think the B's had a big CT following, I thought NYR dominated all parts of the state.

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