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02-27-2014, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MrWoof View Post
Hemsky was anything but a passenger, as is being implied by one or two in this thread, and most certainly a catalyst in the 2006 playoff run. The poster who is trying to downplay and minimalize his contributions should try and make his ongoing agenda against this player less obvious; trivializing second assists and ignoring the fact that Hemsky's importance to the team during that run went far beyond putting up points (Watch the games and you'll see he bought in defensively and played just as good of a 200' game as anybody else on the roster) is revisionist history that is biased and slanted to fit into this warped reality Trafalgar Law seems to want to create every single time anybody so much as mentions Ales Hemsky.

Another point in this thread that was made by Replacement about Ryan Smyth not being a beneficiary of Ales Hemsky and it being the other way around. I'd beg to differ; Ales Hemsky is a large part of the reason why both he and Shawn Horcoff cashed in on the contracts they did. I don't know why people are looking at Ales Hemsky's career as a whole through this narrow lens of the past two or three seasons, two of which were ended due to shoulder surgery. Prior to those injuries he was on pace for two of the best seasons of his career both times; which brings up another point, the people who say that Hemsky plays soft and avoids contact... if he were that type of player, he'd be a much healthier one too. At this point it shouldn't have to even be mentioned but contrary to what some may believe, there is a difference between playing cerebral and not giving a ****. If people still can't understand the way Hemsky plays the game after all these years, they either haven't been watching him or are too entrenched in their loathing of the player to want to acknowledge this fact.

Funny how a narrative can be so twisted to fit ones point of view. Edmonton hockey fans may be smart at times but they don't hesitate to turn on and eat their own. No wonder players don't want to play in Canadian fishbowl's.
You don't have to take it all to mean that Hemsky was a parasite, just understand that he wasn't driving the bus and some players with less points actually made more of a positive impact than he did. Just like some of the current Oilers can be playing better than Gagner even tho they have less points.

And sorry but Hemsky isn't a $4M player based on anything he has done in the NHL.

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