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02-03-2004, 12:49 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by JR#9

The only downside is that it takes some of the heat off Slats and his shortcomings aren't as glaring over the ALLSTAR weekend if they win 2 in a row which is a catch 22 b/c I want them to get right back in the PO race but I feel the team would be infintely better is that A-hole were vtold to pack his bags.
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Honestly , to me, this is the only thing that matters...This win was as damaging as any loss in Ranger history (OK, a bit of an exaqgerration)..No matter what happens against Minnesota, the heat and momentum that was building against Sather was completley hosed. Yeah, he wasn't probably going anywhere, but any slim chance was just flushed down the crapper....

You guys have it pretty well covered.......Hey, if they played that good when SIX GUYS practiced imagine what they MIGHT be able to do if the whole team tried it...But, nah, that's too bizarre of a concept....And all a win against the Canucks reveals is that 1) The Rangers are talented and can play with anybody and 2) The Rangers are a bunch of gutless, heartless pukes who only play when they want to...Other observations are that Messier, Nedved and Hlavac should be hung by their cohones (well, not sure if the latter two have any) or, at the least, benched for their total unproductive ways....Kovalev's gonna be traded...

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