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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
We don't HAVE to have the elusive #1 center - of which there are maybe 15-20 anyway and multiple teams have 2 of them (Pits, SJ, Dal - if you buy Seguin's breakthru which is powered by an almost 20 S%, Col - if you believe in McKinnon) - what we have to have is a pair of top 3 scorer's. We could get by just fine with Wilson centering a stud scorer and Smith, for example, with another scorer on the 2nd line and FF coming along.

Personally, I firmly believe Barkov/McKinnon was our chance to get one - it'll be a while before we get another chance to pick up an arnott and we simply aren't going to suck enough to have a reasonable chance to draft one without some kinda' Datsyuk foresight/luck. But a scoring wing or 2 doesn't seem so far-fetched to me with the kids we got on the backend led by Webs and a healthy Rinne - even with our meager longterm talent up front that is gonna' look enticing to someone in a year or two.
The teams that win cups have that top end number one center. Until the Leafs win a cup with Bosak centering Kessel I do not think that is the way to go about building a cup team. The main problem for the Predators is they have never been a really bad team. Last season was a start but of course we picked 4th and with the talent available we got stuck with Jones. I'm not saying jones isn't going to be really good if not great but the fact of the matter is we didn't need him. We needed one of those forwards to be there at 4 and it didn't happen. This year’s draft isn't all that great and I do not see a big difference between picking 3rd through 12. Next year’s draft there will be a huge difference and getting that number one spot would be huge for any organization. Mcdavid is going to be the best player to come out since Stamkos. If I were a GM I would load up on as many 2015 1st's I could get my hand on without blowing up my team and pray. Whoever gets Mcdavid will be a cup contender for years to come.

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